Hello Fresh review and £20 off discount

So here's a little review for you, last week I decided to try out Hello Fresh. You may have heard of them, they have a TV advert at the moment and I had also seen their advertisements popping up In my social media feeds. If you haven't heard of them then you should definitely read on...

Every week Head Chef Patrick and his team create new recipes with photos of every step for you to cook quick, delicious, nutritious meals at home. They do all the thinking and planning so you’re just left with the fun bit: cooking and eating! 

I chose the veggie box, 3 meals for 2 people and used the voucher code I had seen on Facebook which made my box £11 that's just £1.83 per meal. I must admit I had never even looked at the company website before as I assumed It would be over priced or just to expensive, you would expect to pay quite a bit for fresh ingredients for 3 meals delivered to your door, however I was pleasantly surprised at the prices even without the voucher I think it is reasonable when you take into account that the produce is all fresh and sourced from their own local suppliers then pre portioned for you with a full step by step recipe card which you can keep for future use.

I wanted a nice surprise so decided not to look at what would be in my box, when it arrived it was like christmas. A well packaged box full to the the brim of produce, organic tins, fresh herbs and vegetables. When I saw my recipes for the week I was very happy with the selection and couldn't wait to get cooking. 


I enjoy cooking as it is and have no problem standing in the kitchen for hours experimenting with recipes. I think this box would be great for someone who isn't as experimental with cooking and who
needs the step by step guide to prepare a good meal. 

I definitely learnt a few new healthy recipes which I will make again and again. I expected the portions to be fairly small as it all seemed to good to be true but to my surprise the meals where very generous sized portions. Each meal I prepared I absolutely loved, there was no skimping on ingredients and the recipes weren't to basic and were full of flavour. I cant chose my favourite but it would be between the smokey ratatouille and the tofu laksa...I really cant chose.

You can see all the recipes here and download the recipe cards for yourself.

Here are my creations, I am really happy with how each meal turned out, the recipes were so easy to follow and the ingredients were fab. I cant wait to order my next box and learn a bunch of new recipes. I find this a great way of meal planning ahead and saving money as you only get what you need meaning a lot less food waste!

Smokey Ratatouille with goats cheese and garlic bruschetta.

Tofu Laksa.

South American, Moroccan summer salad.

If you want to try a box for yourself heres a code you can use to receive £20 off your order, it will be cheaper than going to the shop yourself trust me! code: KFNSKK

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